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How To Use the Order Status Lookup

For Security purposes you are required to provide two pieces of information pertaining to your order. One field from the first group and one field from the second group is required:

(1) Enter either an Order Number OR a web order Reference number.

(2) Enter the email address associated with that order OR your billing zip code.

Order #
Found on a printed invoice which you received in the mail or by contacting customer service.

Web REF#
Found on your order confirmation page or in your confirming email if you submitted your order ONLINE.  Please use the number at the end of your web order number - after the last hyphen.  For example, if your order number is DMCC-NET7-20080721172124-000000-34491, your Web REF# would be 34491.

The email address you used to login and submit your order.  If you saved your email confirmation, it would be the address it was sent to.

Billing Zip
The 5-digit zip code you submitted with your order. If you submitted a "Zip plus 4", please use only the first 5 numbers.

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