Come to my hideaway... my secret garden… a dreamy spot in a carefree place! With Violets & Roses, Daisies & Forget-me-nots, Sunflowers & Moonflowers... treasures that bloom forever! Each piece is inspired by the exquisite designs of mother nature.
Inspired by God’s creation of a perfect blossom glistening with dewdrops as it unfolds its petals to the first golden rays of the sun. We behold this miracle and open ourselves to the belief that with God’s power anything is possible.
Constant reminders of inspiration and faith... jewelry to guide, give strength, and comfort you.
Believe in miracles and celebrate life with this symbol of hope for the cure for breast cancer. A perfect blossom unfolding its petals in the warmth of the sun is a tribute to the courage of those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.
Capture the timeless romance and blessings of the Emerald Isle with this collection inspired by the lore and beauty of Ireland.
The Beauty and Magic of the Southwest . . .where the "sky meets the earth" and flowers bloom in turquoise and coral. Cherished legendary spirits, these creations represent the forces that inspire us.
Protect and love our precious treasures of the earth... And delight with tiny Animal Companions we can keep with us always… butterflies, ladybugs, frogs, turtles, owls, and of course kittens and puppies! Find them all in our magical animal kingdom!
From the spirit and beauty of the fun-loving dolphin... The treasures and magnificent creatures of the sea are the inspiration for this elegant collection.
Snowflakes & Stars ...Violets & Roses... the wonders of each season and treasures that bloom forever... each piece is inspired by natures own exquisite designs.
Whether you’re walking down the red carpet or lighting up the night, these sparkling sensations are sure to make you feel like a star.
Romantic Evenings... Love at first Sight! Jewelry inspired by the flames of passion and the promise of eternal love. Love is always in the air with these gorgeous designs!
Express your passion for fashion…
An Inspired Collection of Exclusive Jewelry created by our Award-Winning Designers for the special occasion of one's Wedding Engagement, Marriage, or Anniversary.
Experience the regal pageantry...  of Queens, a Princess, the mythical woman who ruled over lost civilizations, this Collection is inspired by legendary woman who changed the world!
Memories to forever hold in your heart…
Celtic Cross, Spirit of the Thunderbird, dragons, eagles and gladiators...these are some of the bold inspirations of Concorde’s exquisite designs for men of distinction.