Believe in Miracles®

Belief and hope in the wondrous power of God...
Faith & Inspiration
Constant reminders of inspiration and faith... jewelry to guide, give strength, and comfort you.

Footprints in the Sand Jewelry, Believe in Miracles Jewelry, Walk With Me Flip-Flop Jewelry, Angel Pendant, Angel Jewelry, Angel Wing Earrings, Hope for the Cure Ring, Religious Jewelry, Inspirational Jewelry
Hope for the Cure

Belief and hope in the wondrous power of God...
Treasured Family Keepsakes
From stirring symbols of power and glory to cherished legendary spirits, these creations represent the forces that inspire us.

Mother and Daughter Rings, Family Tree, Generations, Circle of Love, Unicorn, Lighthouse, Angel Heart, Horseshoe, Patriotic Heart
Irish Emerald Isle & Claddagh
Capture the timeless romance and blessings of the Emerald Isle with this collection inspired by the lore and beauty of Ireland.

Irish Rings, Celtic Rings, Irish Jewelry, Irish Eternity, Claddagh Ring, Irish Blessings Jewelry, Celtic Rose Ring, Irish Hearts Ring, Irish Cross Ring
Suns, Stars & Seasons
Snowflakes & Stars ...Violets & Roses... the wonders of each season and treasures that bloom forever... each piece is inspired by natures own exquisite designs.

Violets in the Snow Jewelry, Full Moon, Snowflake Jewelry, First Snowfall, Wish Upon a Star, Shooting Stars, Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn Splendors
Southwest Desert Beauty
The Beauty and Magic of the Southwest . . .where the "sky meets the earth" and flowers bloom in turquoise and coral.

Desert Flower Ring, Sunflower Ring, Dreamcatcher Ring, Spirit Princess Ring, Turquois Rings, Southwest Rings, Desert Rings, Desert Flower Ring, Desert Sun Ring, Old West Silver Buckle Ring
Artistic Inspirations

Gemstone treasures inspired by Master Artists… Iris Ring, Sunflower Ring, Sunflower Earrings, Sunflower Pendant, Monet Water Lilies Ring, Van Gogh Starry Night Ring,
Magical Animal Kingdom
Protect and love our precious treasures of the earth... the solitude of the wolf, save our polar bears, the enchantment of butterflies, ladybugs, turtles, owls.. find them all here!

Animal Jewelry, Dragonfly Ring, Butterfly Jewelry, Frog Ring, Swan Ring, Panda Ring, Dove Ring, Dove Cross Pendant, Owl Ring, Ladybug Ring, Turtle, Peacock Ring, Zebra Ring, Swan Ring, Butterfly Flip-Flop Ring, Wolf Ring, Elephant Pendant, Hummingbird Ring, Hummingbird Pendant, Kitten Ring, Cat Ring, Dog Ring, Bumble Bee, Honey B Jewelry, Defenders of Wildlife Ring
Spirit of the Seas
From the spirit and beauty of the fun-loving dolphin to the legendary Atlantis... The treasures and magnificent creatures of the sea are the inspiration for this elegant collection.

Dolphin Jewelry, Dolphin Ring, Whales, Seashells & Starfish, Atlantis, Titanic
Flowers that Bloom Forever

Come to my hideaway…my secret garden… a dreamy spot in a carefree place! Daisy Ring, Forget-me-not Ring, Strawberry Fields Ring, Water Lily Ring, Flower Ring, Pansy Ring, Violets Ring, Autumn Ring, Spring Ring, Moonflower Ring, Roses Ring, Daisies Ring
Timeless Vintage Classics
Experience the regal pageantry...  of Queens, a Princess, the mystical treasures of a lost civilization, or the ultimate tribute to eternal love -- this Collection is inspired by legendary royalty and their exotic settings.

First Lady Ring, Jackie Kennedy Ring, Princess Diana Ring, Princess Tiara Ring, Winter Palace Ring, Purple Ring, Cinderella Clock, First Lady Pearl Ring, Cherry Blossom Ring
Love is in the Air

Memories to forever hold in your heart… Heart RIng, Mother and Daughter Ring, Claddagh Ring, Romantic Rings, Heart Ring
Hollywood Rocks
Whether you’re walking down the red carpet or lighting up the night, these sparkling sensations are sure to make you feel like a star.

Hollywood Rings of the Stars... Colorful Rings, Green Amethyst Ring, Citrine Ring, Pink Sapphire Ring, Bow Ring, Ruby Ring, Blue Topaz Ring,
Fashion Statements
Make a statement…

Express your passion for fashion… Daisies Ring, Nouveau Ring, Silver Rings, Star of Paris Ring "EToile Parisienne", Frozen Ring, Gold Rings, Hand Painted Enamel Rings
Weddings & Celebrations
An Inspired Collection of Exclusive Jewelry created by our Award-Winning Designers for the special occasion of one's Wedding Engagement, Marriage, or Anniversary.

Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Miracle of Love Wedding Set, Irish Claddagh Wedding Set, Royal Wedding Set, Vintage Anniversary Ring, I Do Love You Wedding Set, Love Everlasting Eternity Band
For the Man in Your Life
Majestic bucks, dragons, eagles and gladiators...these are some of the bold inspirations of Concorde’s exquisite designs for men.

Mens Rings, Knights Ring, Crusader Ring, Celtic Cross Ring, Mens Claddagh Ring, US Marine Corp Ring, Solid Sterling Silver RIngs, Thunderbird Ring, Texas Hold Em Ring, Gladiator Ring, Dragon Ring, American Eagle Ring, Motorcycle Ring, Brave Heart Ring
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