Checkerboard cuts are often used as a variation on cushion cuts, but can be used on many shapes. The cut adds a lovely surface effect and used with both very dark and very light gems.

The Cushion-cut, or Pillow-cut, has rounded corners, with large facets for a vintage feel.

The Emerald-cut creates a dramatic pattern of light and dark lines, for a clean, elegant look.

Although fancy-cut can be anything other than a round cut, it is oftem used to refer to freeform shapes.

Full cut diamonds are round brilliant cuts with 57 or 58 facets.

The Heart-shaped-cut is actually a modified brilliant round cut, with additional material cut away to create the popular heart shape, used in many unique designs as an accent or center stone.

The Marquise-cut is known for making the gemstone appear larger than other cuts. As any longer cut, it has a limming effect on the wearers hands.

The Oval-cut is very elegant, with the oval making the wearer hand appear slimmer. It is normally a brilliant cut with 58 facets.

Pear-cut is also brilliant-cut with 58 facets, with its distinct pear shape. Like the oval cut, it makes the wearers hand appear thinner.

Princess-cut is second most popular behind the round-cut, also having 58 facets of a "brilliant-cut". The princess-cut appears larger since it has a larger "table" or the top.

Rectangular-cut is similar to an Emerald-cut, usually indicating variations to the standard cut, such as rounding the corners.

The Square-cut, normally an Asscher cut, or a square Emerald-cut, has large facets for a vintage style.

Trillion-cut are Triangle shaped, often with rounded edges, a technique first created in the Netherlands.