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Jewelry Sets
Hope For The Cure Believe In Miracles®
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Believe in Miracles®
Belief and hope in the wondrous power of God
Guardian Angel Cameo
Wherever you go, whatever you do…
Irish Claddagh Wedding Set
An enduring symbol of love and devotion
I Do… Love You! Wedding Set
Express Your Love…
Just the Two of US
Love and style tied up in one… together forever…
Love Everlasting Eternity
A gift of eternal love…
Miracle of Love Wedding Set
An Expression of True Love…
Small Miracles Hummingbird Cameo
Small deeds create great miracles
Royal Wedding Set
Fit for a Queen…
Victorian Lovers' Diamond
Nostalgia and Passion are always the fashion!
My Wild Irish Rose Cameo
The sweetest flower that grows…
Victorian Romance Wedding Set
An expression of true love…
"Soulmates" Wedding Set
Two souls join as one…
Symphony Of Love Wedding Set
True love is perfect harmony…
“Love Story” Wedding Set
Happily Ever After…
Miracles of the Desert Sky
The wonder of life in the desert…
Royal Sapphire Wedding Set
The color of royalty…
Our Precious Earth
Nature's Magnificent Creation...
The Promise of Love Wedding Set
May my heart be forever sheltered in your embrace.
"Love Everlasting" Wedding Set
A gift of eternal love…
Irish Blessing
May God's Love Surround You…
Footprints in the Sand®
A constant reminder of inspiration and faith
On the Wings of Angels
Bringing You Comfort and Peace...
Irish Promise Claddagh
May our hands be clasped forever...
Dolphin Black Pearl
Experience the lure of the South Seas…
Dolphin Heart
Leaping in joy they form the perfect heart...
Family Tree of Life
A precious symbol of love, friendship, and harmony
Irish Prayer
May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow…
Jeweled Sunflower
Lift your spirits with the warm rays of sunshine..
My Daughter, The Heart Of My Heart
A symbol of enduring love…
Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity …
Violets In The Snow
Nature's delicate majesty …
Winter Wonderland
Frosty Magic...
Queen of Hearts
Be the Queen of your day…
Dance of the Dolphins
Elegance and Grace from the Sea
Dance of the Butterflies
Nature’s perfect miracle
"Love Grows" Jeweled Wedding Set
If I could plant a flower every time I missed you
Spirit of the Desert Flower
The Beauty of the Southwest
Shakespeare's Love Sonnet
Experience the Romance
Flight of the Jeweled Butterfly
Inspired by the legendary artistry of Faberge…
Jewellery Sets

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